A country whose god is nature
Soil, trees, water, grown in abundant nature
We Japanese have been endowed with these benefits, devised, and made better products.

“TAMBI” has the following meaning :
1.The most valuable thing is beauty and the attitude to pursue it.
2.Find beauty

We introduce Japanese tasteful crafts and arts.
Touch the texture, color, and Japanese sense.
We would like to convey to you the unique sensibility of the Japanese people.
Thank you
Best wishes and regards,

Online Gallery

Ceramic Art

Ceramics have been actively fired in Japan for a long time.
We mainly introduce Bizen & Shigaraki ware, which is a type of pottery that does not use glaze. Bizen is in Okayama prefecture and Shigaraki is in Shiga prefecture, both of which have been made for over a thousand years.
We would like to introduce selected works, mainly works of modern ceramist.

Refind (Second-hand)
Regarding works with this word “Refind”,
In addition to the works directly purchased by contemporary artists, We would like to introduce the works that we have carefully selected from various markets. You can buy good works at a low price.

Abstract Art

There are many abstract expressions in ceramic art, which is a big point of appreciation,
The works that are made by dyeing traditional Japanese paper are also interesting, so we would like to introduce them. Please enjoy the texture and color of Japanese paper and the feeling of wabi-sabi.

There are three main sizes.

The work can be hung on the wall so that it can be viewed vertically or horizontally in any orientation you like.
The frame is also made using traditional Japanese techniques without using nails.

Woodblock print

It is a woodblock print of a beautiful woman printed in the Meiji era. First of all, We would like to pay tribute to the high woodblock print technology of the time. We choose colors, patterns, techniques, etc. that we feel beautiful from our unique perspective. You can get a glimpse of the customs of that time, but it may have been the most blossoming time with a sense peculiar to Japan.