About purchasing works in the Online Shop,

Please order from the form. It is installed at the bottom of each page.
Please let us know the name of the work and your address.
Shipping rates vary depending on the country and region.
The work will be delivered by EMS of Japan Post.
We will calculate the shipping cost and we will contact you.
All payments will be made by our partner Bizen Gallery Aoyama.
It is a gallery of ceramic art in Kyoto.
We deal in contemporary works and antiques.
Antique dealer license number 611262130040 (Kyoto prefecture).

Payment will be made by online credit card payment.
We will send you a billing email.
Please pay as soon as you receive it.
We also welcome remittances by WISE.

Below is our bank account.
Branch Name : AOYAMA
Account Number : 211 2162979

About contemporary ceramic works,
With regard to the work stated as Wood Box,
The work is generally put in a box made of paulownias. A signature of a potter is written in the box(=Hakogaki).
Please understand that it takes time for approximately 2 weeks to make the box.
We would appreciate your understanding.

About “Refind” in the Ceramics category,
It is a wonderful piece rediscovered from various markets.
It is not purchased directly from the potter.
Please contact us for details when purchasing them.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Thank you.